Compressing Images (JPEGs and PNGs) For the Web

When designing high traffic websites, it is important to ensure the pages load quickly and not make excessive use of server resources. One of the biggest culprets to slow page loads and exessive use of server resources is images. There are many instances where images used for design and layout purposes could be replaced with […]

[SharePoint 2010] Enabling the Developer Dashboard

The Developer Dashboard is a new tool in SharePoint 2010 that displays diagnostic information gathering during the loading and rendering of the SharePoint content. The dashboard, in conjunction with FireBug or the IE Developer Toolbar, help developers and designers identify issues and such in their custom projects. This can be set to always display or to only display on demand. To turn the developer dashboard on or off, run the following commands from the command prompt on the SharePoint server:

Free Online Faxing for the Occasional Faxer

I have assisted a number of people and departments that utilize faxing in their daily business processes see the value in and convert to Internet-based fax services. These subscriber-based services (such as eFax, MyFax, etc) work wondefully for those who utilize faxing on a regular basis. However, if you are like me, you probably don’t […]

[SharePoint 2007] “Use my local drafts folder” Default Option

When opening Office documents in a Microsoft SharePoint document library that requires Check Out, users generally receive a pop-up window to confirm that they want to open and check out the document, such as the one below: The pop-up window has the option to “Use my local drafts folder.” For many users, using this option […]

Visio Stencils for SharePoint 2010

I use Visio for creating plans and diagrams for SharePoint sites and farms frequently. When doing so, I like to use the actual SharePoint graphics as stencils. I have compiled the graphics from SharePoint 2010 as well as some file type icons into Visio stencils. I make heavy use of these and have attached them […]

[Outlook 2010] Meeting Workspace Options

One of the great features of Outlook 2007 was the ability to create SharePoint 2007 meeting workspaces within the appointment details in Outlook. In Outlook 2007, the button for managing these workspaces was on the Office Ribbon: In Outlook 2010, this option is no longer in the ribbon by default. The good news is, however, […]

Using Content Controls to Repeat Form Fields in Microsoft Word 2007 and Word 2010

When creating Microsoft Word-based forms there may be a need to have a form field repeated throughout the whole document. For instance, with a company name, you may want this information repeated automatically throughout the document rather than manually entering the company name into every place it is needed. This helps greatly to ensure fewer […]