Welcome to my website. Here you will find my blog and information about the app and software projects I have worked on.

SharePoint 2013 WCM Advanced Cookbook

SharePoint 2013 WCM Advanced Cookbook is a practical guide to show you how to leverage Microsoft SharePoint 2013 to create a scalable web content management system.
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PowerShell Reference

The PowerShell Reference apps for iOS provide quick references for PowerShell cmdlets.
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CudaMiner for OS X

CudaMiner for OS X is a port of the CudaMiner project for Macs.
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Asteroid Updated to 0.9.7

My favorite GUI application for Bitcoin/Litecoin mining on Mac OS X, Asteroid, has been updated to 0.9.7.  This release includes a lot of bug fixes and new features.  I highly recommend the update. Download Asteroid 0.9.7 Asteroid 0.9.7 Changes From... read more

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