[SQL Reporting Services 2008 R2] Enable Remote Errors

When encountering errors with reports on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) 2008 and 2008 R2 the generic error message isn’t very meaningful: Thanks to this blog post we have a couple of ways to turn on SSRS Remote Errors. Method 1 – Enable Remote Errors Via SQL Query Connect to the ReportServer database in […]

[SharePoint 2010] Fill Out and Flatten PDF Forms with iTextSharp

In a recent project I used this solution to take fillable PDF forms, fill them out based on user input, flatten the PDF document and save it back to SharePoint. I can think of a number of uses for this type of solution: filling out contracts, filling out medical or other business forms, or just […]

[SharePoint 2010] Move All My Sites – Personal Sites – From One Content Database to Another With PowerShell

In one of my SharePoint 2010 farms we have all of our My Sites under the same web application as our main SharePoint portal. For example, we have http://portal as our intranet portal with all of the My Sites under http://portal/personal. In this particular case, the users make heavy use of the My Sites for […]

[SharePoint 2010] FIMSynchronizationService Errors After SP1 Install – Microsoft SharePoint is not supported with version 4.0.30319.235 of the Microsoft .Net Runtime

Update 2011-07-13: This issue was fixed in the re-released version of the June 2011 Cumulative Update. If you have installed the initial release of the June 2011 Cumulative Update, it is recommended to install the re-released version to ensure the issues in the first release are resolved. After installing Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010, […]

[SharePoint 2010] Error 7043: Load control template file /_controltemplates/TaxonomyPicker.ascx failed

One of the nuances of SharePoint 2010 that has been plaguing my Windows Event log is Error 7043 indicating an issue with the TaxonomyPicker.ascx control: Apparently, someone over at Microsoft made a typo in the TaxonomyPicker.ascx file. There is an HTML code rather than a comma in the first line of the file. To fix […]

[SharePoint 2010] Programmatically Add JavaScript, Meta Tags, and CSS Styles to the Header of Every Page

For SharePoint sites, particularly public-facing ones, there are times when adding JavaScript, Meta Tags, CSS Styles or other content to the page <head> section is more practical than modifying master pages. For instance, you could add the jQuery library to the head of every page. If adding tags to the page <head> section is the […]

[SharePoint 2010] PowerPivot: The referenced file is not allowed on this page.

After installing PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010 for the first time, I added a PowerPivot Gallery to one of my existing sites and I was presented with the following error message: “The referenced file ‘/_layouts/PowerPivot/ReportGalleryView.ascx’ is not allowed on this page.” After doing some research, I found this blog post. For whatever reason, Microsoft missed a […]

[SharePoint 2010] Solution to Load jQuery on All Pages

I have written a simple solution for SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 to allow site administrators to add the jQuery library to each SharePoint page without modifying master pages or adding it with a Content Editor Web Part. This feature is installed to the farm and is enabled on a per-site basis. By […]