[SharePoint 2010/2007] Get the User Who Created a List or Library

A user on one of the forums had a need to find out who the creator of a SharePoint List (or Document Library) was. The SharePoint GUI gives no way to identify this from the list settings or anywhere else for that matter. With that said, it is possible to retrieve this out of the […]

Windows 7 – Enable or Disable Windows DreamScene

One of the neat features that was available in certain editions of Windows Vista was DreamScene (Wikipedia Article on DreamScene). DreamScene allowed you to set a animation or any compatible video as your wallpaper. DreamScene was removed in Windows 7. However, it is possible to add it back. A very simple tool to enable or […]

[Project Server 2007] Login Failed. Project could not connect to server

At my company we use Microsoft Project Server 2007 extensively. Our Project Managers had been reporting an issue where they get a message that says “Login Failed. Project could not connect to server”. They would hit OK and everything would work fine. Our SharePoint site that contains the Project Web Access was created running on […]

[WordPress] Remove Version Query Strings From JavaScript JS and CSS Stylesheet Files

In efforts to increase the performance of a WordPress website, tools like Google Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow may direct you to remove the query string from JavaScript and CSS files. Most scripts and stylesheets called by WordPress include a query string identifying the version. This can cause issues with caching and such, which will […]

[Fedora 14] Install VirtualBox Guest Additions

This morning I downloaded the brand-spanking-new Fedora 14 to run in a VirtualBox virtual machine. At first I was unable to install the VirtualBox Guest Additions. Thanks to this post I was pointed in the right direction to resolve this. The following instructions are for Fedora 14 64-bit. This post mentions some additional instructions for […]

[VisualSVN] Visual Studio Solution Explorer TFS Icons

I am a regular user of both VisualSVN and Team Foundation Server. One thing I have noticed is that I really dislike the icons VisualSVN uses in the Visual Studio Solution Explorer (the green, yellow, and red orbs). I do, however, like the icons that are used for TFS projects (the blue lock for checked-in, […]