[SharePoint 2010] JavaScript Errors in sp.ui.rte.js and sp.ui.rte.debug.js

In SharePoint 2010, there is a bug in the SP.UI.RTE.js file (and it’s debug version) that causes a JavaScript error in a few different situations. For myself, it was occurring when using the TaxonomyWebTaggingControl on a custom application page. Others have noticed the error with form validation. The issue is caused by a null reference […]

[SharePoint 2010] Programmatically Add JavaScript, Meta Tags, and CSS Styles to the Header of Every Page

For SharePoint sites, particularly public-facing ones, there are times when adding JavaScript, Meta Tags, CSS Styles or other content to the page <head> section is more practical than modifying master pages. For instance, you could add the jQuery library to the head of every page. If adding tags to the page <head> section is the […]

Best Web Browser – Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 4, Chrome 10, Safari 5, Opera 11

With the latest versions of the 5 major web browsers it is increasingly more difficult to choose the best among them. Each one has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. As much as many like to bash one and praise another, comparing these web browsers has become much like politics: everyone has an opinion; many […]

[WordPress] Remove Version Query Strings From JavaScript JS and CSS Stylesheet Files

In efforts to increase the performance of a WordPress website, tools like Google Page Speed and Yahoo YSlow may direct you to remove the query string from JavaScript and CSS files. Most scripts and stylesheets called by WordPress include a query string identifying the version. This can cause issues with caching and such, which will […]

Compressing Images (JPEGs and PNGs) For the Web

When designing high traffic websites, it is important to ensure the pages load quickly and not make excessive use of server resources. One of the biggest culprets to slow page loads and exessive use of server resources is images. There are many instances where images used for design and layout purposes could be replaced with […]