[SharePoint 2013] Restore the Breadcrumb (Navigate Up) Navigation

Update: I have packaged this solution up in a SharePoint solution. You can get the packaged solution and the source code here: [SharePoint 2013] Restore the Breadcrumb (Navigate Up) Navigation Part 2.

SharePoint 2010 had a breadcrumb feature on the ribbon that would let a user navigate up the breadcrumb. In SharePoint 2013, this feature is hidden. In SharePoint 2013 the breadcrumb feature can be made visible again in at least two different ways: 1) via the Master Page -or- 2) via code.

Breadcrumb in SharePoint 2010:


Breadcrumb made visible in SharePoint 2013:


Using the Master Page

To make the breadcrumb visable by editing the Master Page, open the Master Page in SharePoint Designer. Edit the following block of code to remove display:none from the containing DIV and visible=false from the breadcrumb control.

Old Code:

New Code:

Using Code

To make the breadcrumb visible on every page from code, I recommend using an AdditionalPageHead delegate control (see http://www.johnchapman.net/sharepoint-2010-programmatically-add-javascript-meta-tags-and-css-styles-to-the-header-of-every-page/). In the AdditionalPageHead user control, the following code will make the control visible as well as fix the icon not showing under certain themes:


  1. Updated the sample code to make the PreRender an Event Handler and to attach the LiteralControl for the CSS to the page header.

  2. Do either of these methods work for Foundation 2013? So far I haven’t been successful with the Master Page approach. I’ve come across a couple of other blog posts that seem to indicate that this option doesn’t work in Foundation. If it doesn’t work in Foundation, I’ll stop beating my head against a wall. ;-)


  3. Does anyone know how to make this horizontal? The client I am building this for is not interested in the drop down breadcrumbs and I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get this to work in 2013.



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