[SharePoint 2007] “Use my local drafts folder” Default Option

When opening Office documents in a Microsoft SharePoint document library that requires Check Out, users generally receive a pop-up window to confirm that they want to open and check out the document, such as the one below:

The pop-up window has the option to “Use my local drafts folder.” For many users, using this option can cause issues with the check-in and check-out process. Changing the default on this pop-up is NOT done on the server side. It is a behavior specified by the local Office client.

To change the drafts folder default options, open Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010 and go to the Word Options (Office Button > Word Options). Under the “Save” section, change the “Save checked-out files to” option to “The web server” (2007) or “The Office Document Cache” (2010). This will change the default of the “Use my local drafts folder” to not checked.


  1. My question is, if this is NOT checked, where does the darn file go when you check it out? Looked all over for it and can’t find it.

    • Not 100% sure, but I assume since it isn’t storing it “locally” that it is simply loaded into memory for the application opening the file. If it were stored “locally” it would only be a cached version in the temporary internet files.

  2. Any idea how to supress this dialog? It is totally unnecessary once a user sees it a few times. I always want SharePoint to use my local drafts folder and don’t bug me about it each time.

    • I don’t know of anyway to do this. Don’t think it’s possible.

      • You can suppress this dialog by opening the browser Tools > Internet Options> Security Tab > Trusted Sites and adding the site url to the trusted sites. This will suppress any futher notifications.

        • Client side settings is not a suggestible solution, need to avoide that popup from some settings in the document library.

          • Unfortunately, that’s not possible. This behavior is 100% client-side and is controlled by the local installation of Microsoft Office.

  3. Helped me a lot.. Thanks for sharing

  4. When is it advisable or not advisable to ‘use the local drafts folder”? I have always used it since if I become unconnected to the network I know where to find it so I won’t lose any changes. Is that what this feature is intended to allow?

    Thanks. I am training the rest of my team next week and I would like to advise them one way or another.



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